How to choose a pet

Choosing a pet can be a very difficult decision, but it can lead to one of the most exciting days of your life - when you bring home your perfect pet.

Many factors must be taken into consideration before choosing an animal to share your home with including how much time you and your family have to spend with an animal, how much money can be spent each month on food and other expenses, and how much space is available for the animal to live.

Other things to think about include how frequently the animal will have to visit the vet, whether anybody in your family, or frequent guests, have allergies to your pet, and whether you want an animal that will sit on your lap to be pet, or if you want a pet that will stay in its cage that you can watch.

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How to choose a pet dog

Dog choice

Choosing a dog is a very big decision, and not one to be made lightly. There are many factors to consider when deciding whether a dog is right for you and your family.


Choosing a cat is an important decision as you will be bringing a new member of the family home.

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Although rabbits are a small animal, they require more care than many people realize.

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Small animals

A hamster or gerbil may seem like a good choice for you and your family, it is still a large responsibility and not one to be taken lightly.

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