Choosing a small animal

Although a hamster or gerbil may seem like a good choice for you and your family, it is still a large responsibility and not one to be taken lightly. There are many things to ask yourself before deciding on a hamster or gerbil, including:

  1. What size and type of cage do they require? What type of bedding will we use?
  2. What type of food should we feed? Do they need fresh food as well as food from the pet store?
  3. Do we have the time and patience to get the animal used to us? Will we still want it if it bites and isn't friendly?
  4. Which breed of hamster do we want? Or are we better suited for a gerbil?

These are very important questions to honestly answer before continuing your research. If you can answer all of these questions then you are on your way to becoming a small pet owner.

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How to choose a small animal

Small animal choice


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