Choosing a rabbit

Although rabbits are a small animal, they require more care than many people realize. Many people buy rabbits for their child's first pet not knowing just how much it takes to properly care for a rabbit.
Here are some questions to ask yourself before choosing a rabbit as a pet:

  1. Will the rabbit be a house rabbit or live outside?
  2. Do we have enough space inside, or a big enough hutch for outside?
  3. Do we have enough time to devote to the rabbit? If not, do we have enough space and money for a second rabbit to bond with ours?
  4. Do we know enough about its nutritional needs?
  5. Can we afford vet bills once a year and any emergencies that may come up? Rabbits are classified as 'exotic' and therefore much more expensive than dogs or cats!
  6. Do we realize that a rabbit is a commitment of between 8-12 years?

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How to choose a pet rabbit

Rabbit choice


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