Hamster or gerbil?

Although hamsters and gerbils have many similarities, their differences are very important. Hamsters are nocturnal, meaning they sleep during the day and are awake at night. Will you, or your family, be happy not handling your pet during the day, or taking the chance of being bitten if you wake it up? Hamsters are very entertaining to watch, they enjoy running on a wheel and chewing cardboard, and they can be made tame so they will run around on you and won't mind being handled. But taming takes time and your hamster will be afraid of you at first.

Gerbils are not nocturnal, although they can be. Gerbils are usually awake when there is movement around their cage, so if you or your family are awake during the day, the odds are that your gerbils will be as well. Gerbils are much faster than most hamsters, and are much smaller than most as well. Gerbils are as much fun to watch as hamsters and can also be tamed and can be handled once that is done.

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