Breeder or shelter?

If you have honestly answered the above questions and have decided that a cat is for you, congratulations! Now you have to decide where to find your new cat. There are only two ethical places to get your cat from - a reputable breeder or an animal shelter.

Most people do not mind what breed of cat they get; in fact, it is difficult to tell many breeds of cat apart. Unless you are looking to show your cat professionally, a shelter is probably ideal for you. There are many pet stores that offer adoption from the local shelter in their stores, but you should avoid pet stores selling kittens for profit. The donation you will pay for a shelter animal will cover the vet care it has received, while the money paid outright for a kitten not associated with a shelter will only encourage the irresponsible breeder to continue their practice.

If your local pet store does not have an adoption center, try the local pound or RSPCA shelter. The best part about these shelters is that the staff will know the personality of the cats they are caring for and they can help find the perfect cat or kitten to suit your family's needs.

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