What to feed your cat

Feeding your cat a high-quality mixture of wet and dry food is ideal. That way they can get the best of both types; many cats do not drink enough water and will get some through the wet food, and dry food can be left out for 'free feeding', assuming the cat is not overweight.

The first ingredient in both wet and dry food should be some sort of protein - such as beef, chicken, or fish. You should always avoid by-products that will be labelled as 'beef meal' or 'chicken meal'. You should also avoid corn meal as a filler in cat food as it can cause allergies later in life. You should check to see that the food is AAFCO approved, and it should not contain chemical preservatives, such as BHA, BHT, ethoxyquin, and propyl gallate.

As with any animal, if you are switching from one type of food to another, it should be done slowly, mixing a small amount of new food with the old and gradually increasing the amount of new food over a period of two weeks while decreasing the old food. This gradual change will prevent your cat from experiencing diarrhea.

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