Breeder or shelter?

As with other animals, once you have decided on a specific pet, you need to decide where to purchase it. Rabbits, like cats and dogs, are regularly bred by 'Backyard Breeders' that do not care about the quality or health of their animals. Because of this, rabbit breeders should be looked at very carefully and their practices should be thoroughly scrutinized before supporting them by purchasing one of their animals.

Rabbits should be bred once per year, and should be good breeding stock - meaning they should be show-quality. You should also look how the rabbits are housed at the breeder's location. If there are many hutches stacked on top of one another and it is obvious the rabbits are never allowed out of their cages, choose another breeder. Also remember that diseases spread very easily from one rabbit to another.

If you are not worried about a specific breed, or you would rather save an animal in a shelter, there are many rescue groups, some breed-specific, for rabbits. Saving an animal from a shelter, or getting one from a rescue group, will be advantageous because the people who work with the animals will know their personality. As previously mentioned, every rabbit has a unique personality - if you go through a shelter you will be more likely to find a rabbit to suit you and your family's needs.

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