Housing and training your rabbit

Housing your rabbit is very important to its wellbeing. Whether indoors or out, a rabbit must have enough room to move around in its cage. The rabbit must be able to lay fully stretched on its side, and also be able to stand up on its hind legs while in the cage. Most cages and hutches sold in pet stores are too small for rabbits, but there are always exceptions. The size of the cage required depends entirely on the size of your full-grown rabbit, but a rabbit can never have too much space.

Many find that using a large dog crate is good for a rabbit, and others build rabbit 'condos' out of Neat Idea Cubes, sold by Fellowes. These cubes are usually used to create storage in college dorm rooms, but are perfect for making a cage that fits odd shapes in your home or for adding levels if you don't have one large area.

Rabbits are very intelligent and can be trained to use a litter box. Rabbits tend to use one corner of their cage for relieving themselves so once you see which corner is most frequently used, simply put a high-backed litter box with paper- or wood-based litter in that corner. Rabbits will not always use a littler box immediately, but if the rabbit is spayed or neutered, the number of 'accidents' drops dramatically.

It must be said that rabbits chew - a lot. You must 'rabbit-proof' your house before allowing your rabbit out of its cage or it will chew on any wires it can find. Many rabbits can be trained not to chew through a sharp 'No!' whenever the rabbit goes near a wire or cord, though the more stubborn rabbits need more coaxing occasionally through the use of a spray bottle accompanying the sharp 'No!'

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