What to feed your rabbit

Feeding your rabbit a good-quality pellet is very important to its health. Protein is very important to rabbits, and should make up around 16% of the pellets, and fiber is also important and should make up at least 16% of the pellets. As rabbits do not need calcium in their diets, the amount in their pellet should be less than 1%. You should definitely avoid rabbit food mixes with colorful flakes, nuts, and seeds as these do not contain the necessary nutrients and will make your rabbit overweight.

Young rabbits, six months and under, should be given unlimited amounts of pellets, but as the rabbit gets older its needs change. The amount of pellets to be given depends entirely on the rabbit's body weight - information will be given on the back of your chosen food package. Rabbits also need a variety of fruits and vegetables to keep them healthy. Fruits and vegetables should be introduced slowly to rabbits over six months of age - and then one at a time, and not too much each time. Rabbits digestive systems are very sensitive and too much of a fruit or vegetable can give diarrhea which can then kill a rabbit. If only one new food is introduced at a time, you can know whether your rabbit is happy eating it, and whether it affects their stomach or not. Once a rabbit is used to fruits and vegetables, they should receive one cup of fresh foods per day.

Because rabbits need so much fiber in their diet, it is vital that they have access to hay at all times. Timothy or Meadow hay are most commonly used, and Alfalfa hay must not be given to rabbits over six months of age because of the high amount of calcium contained in it. Rabbits will eat hay throughout the day which keeps their gut moving, which helps keep them alive, and keeps their teeth from getting too long.

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